LLC AmpereMagnete (AMT&C Group) is noted among the leading companies developing import-substituting products with the support of the Zelenograd Development Corporation.

Zelenograd Development Corporation, which oversees the Troitsk innovation territorial cluster, noted the development of Russia’s first integrated electric drive for passenger vehicles, developed by AmperMagnit LLC together with JSC Rusatom RDS. The development will significantly reduce the cost of electric vehicles, for which tens of thousands of pre-orders have already been placed, and make them more affordable for Russian drivers. Link to the article on the official website of the Moscow Mayor.

For reference. The Zelenograd Development Corporation oversees two innovative territorial clusters: Zelenograd (in the direction of microelectronics) and the Trinity innovative territorial cluster “New materials, laser and radiation technologies.” Zelenograd Development Corporation specialists accompany the implementation of innovative projects and their introduction to the market. In 2023, with the support of Zelenograd Development Corporation, more than 50 capital companies produced import-substituting products.