LLC AmpereMagnete (AMT&C Group)

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AMT&C Group

AMT&C Group
AMT&C Group has been working since 1999 and now includes the following companies:
  • JSC AmpereMagnete (Moscow)
  • LLC AMT&C (Moscow, Troitsk)
  • LLC Polymagnet (Moscow)
  • LLC Polymagnet St. Petersburg (St. Petersburg)
  • LLC Polymagnet (Novosibirsk)
  • LLC Magnetite (Borovsk)
  • LLC MDP (Moscow)
  • LLC AMT (Moscow)
AMT&C Group is a recognized leader in the Russian market in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies, specializing in the development and manufacture of household and industrial products based on permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems. The R&D activity of AMT&C Group is based on more than 40 years of scientific and practical experience in the field of magnetism and its applications and is focused on such modern areas of applied magnetism as non-volatile gas shut-off valves, electric drives and electric machines with extremely high values ​​of efficiency up to 98.5%, sprung motor wheels, scientific instrumentation and magnetic systems for controlling endoscopic capsules for gastrointestinal examination.

The potential of AMT&C Group is also realized in the design and manufacture of a wide range of magnetic field sources for science and industry. The group has been producing magnetic separators and iron separators of almost all existing types and models for more than 20 years.

AMT&C Group conducts scientific and technological developments in the field of magnetic hyperthermia, precision controlled by a magnetic field targeted desorption of drugs, magnetic cooling, as well as methods of manufacturing nanoscale and nanostructured materials.

The mission of AMT&C group is the development, production and practical application of new magnetic and electrically conductive materials based on basic research in the field of magnetism, as well as the use of numerical design methods, combined with innovative design solutions, to create new electromagnetic devices with record rates.

All companies of AMT&C Group provide consulting services for the use of magnets and magnetic materials in their field of activity.

Copyright and the right to commercial use of the created magnetic technologies and materials and trademarks are presented in the form of more than 50 patents, certificates and resolutions. The companies of AMT&C Group apply the highest international quality standards.

AMT&C Group is a finalist of the national rating of Russian fast-growing technology companies.