LLC AmpereMagnete (AMT&C Group)

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About us

About company and AMT&C group

Our company is engaged in the development of synchronous electric drives and electric generators based on permanent magnets, as well as power plants based on them of varying degrees of complexity.

JSC AmpereMagnete is part of the AMT&C Group, which is a recognized leader in the Russian market in the field of new magnetic materials and technologies, specializing in the development and manufacture of household and industrial products based on permanent magnets and electromagnetic systems.

We present the vacancies open in our company.


Key patents

Patent №: 2720880

A method for upgrading an asynchronous electric machine for pump drive of produced oil transport systems

Patent №: 2682895

Electric machine stator and method of its assembly

Patent №: 2633129

Motor-wheel of a vehicle and a vehicle with such a motor-wheel

Patent №: 10,131,218 B2

In-wheel motor for a vehicle and a vehicle comprising the motor

Patent №: 4691498

Vehicle wheel motor (Chinese patent)