LLC AmpereMagnete (AMT&C Group)

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Motor wheels

We carry out the development and pilot production of complete synchronous electric drives and electric generators on permanent magnets for various purposes with extremely high specific energy characteristics and virtually the maximum achievable efficiency of an electric machine (up to 97-98.5%), as well as geared motors, wheel motors, magnetic bearings and magnetic gearboxes.

Technologies used:
1. Full cycle of numerical modeling (creation of digital twins) of complete electric drives, electric generators, power plants (integrated electric drives) and virtual test benches.
2. Use of our own technologies patented in the Russian Federation and the USA and modern materials for rotor and stator packages (not Fe-Co alloys).
3. Multi-parameter optimization of complete electric drives for a specific vehicle.

Achieved indicators:

  • High efficiency of electric machines (up to 98.5% in nominal mode).
  • Peak value of the specific torque of electric machines (up to 60-65 Nm/kg).
  • Peak value of specific power of electric machines (up to 5 or more kW/kg depending on the speed).
  • Reducing the mass and dimensions of active parts by up to 3 or more times (depending on the speed).
  • Reduce life cycle costs by up to 60%
  • Possibility of integrating the designed electric drive into an existing structure.

Developments and achievements:

  • Developments in the field of energy-efficient electric motors based on permanent rare-earth magnets were awarded a diploma from the Rostec State Corporation following the results of the first open competition of civil innovative projects of Russian military-industrial complex organizations in the category "Best development (R&D) of a world-class innovative product" for the project "Energy-efficient electric motors based on permanent rare-earth magnets" magnets.”
  • LLC AmpereMagnete is the winner of the final of the TMH Startup Platform competition in the field of urban rail transport in the category “Projects in the field of energy efficiency of trains” with the project “Energy-efficient traction electric drives on permanent magnets for metro rolling stock” and became the winner of the final of the competition.
  • The successful experience of LLC AmpereMagnete participation in R&D, on the basis of which pilot industrial production of magnetic systems of powerful electric drives for marine purposes was organized, confirms the review of the joint work of the Elektrosila plant of Power Machines OJSC.

Developments and achievements:

  • A working prototype of the R19 sprung wheel motor has been created.
  • An electric drive for a cryogenic system has been developed and manufactured for NPO Orion.
  • A prototype of a 400 kW motor-generator was developed under a contract with Energozapas LLC (Novosibirsk).
  • A contract has been concluded with the Italian company I-FEVS for the development of an axial permanent magnet electric drive for electric vehicles.
  • A contract has been concluded with the Research and Development Center of KAMAZ PJSC for the development of a line of permanent magnet electric drives for promising models of battery electric buses and electric trucks.